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The New Zealand PTTG
and standards of excellence

The NZ Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild is a non-profit organization which aims to uphold and raise standards of excellence in the piano service industry for the benefit of piano owners nationwide.

The Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild provides a valuable role in a number of areas 

  • By providing guidelines and standards that Registered Technician members are required to adhere to, both technical and ethical.

  • By providing an examination framework for those entering our industry. By providing links with other technician organisations from around the world.

  • By providing technical workshops and ongoing training for both trainees as well as refreshing the skills of already qualified technicians.

  • Training, Workshops and Conventions
    There is really no other place for New Zealand piano technicians to go for ongoing training, so our Registered Technician members who attend the regular technical workshops and conventions will be offering the latest best practice in all their work. The PTTG NZ generally holds three technical sessions each year, regularly bringing a respected international piano technician to New Zealand for an intensive workshop weekend, as well as participating in the APTTA biennial convention. Our NZ Guild has in the past succesfully hosted this Australasian Piano Tuners and Technicians Guildconvention. 

    ARPT Exams
    One aspect that has brought substantial benefits to New Zealand piano technicians and the public they serve is the examination system. Over several years, new examination standards have been introduced in New Zealand aligning our organisation more closely with other technician organisations around the world. The result is that qualified ‘ARPT’ (Australasian Registered Piano Technician) status technicians have all passed the most recent exams - more rigorous than those of the past. The skill level being demonstrated by ARPT members is right up with the best practise anywhere in the world.

    ARPT Status
    Piano owners are encouraged to seek out technicians who have the 'ARPT' accreditation as a further assurance of their technical skills and knowledge.


    Code of Ethics
    The PTTGNZ Code of Ethics provides guidelines and standards that Registered Technician members are required to adhere to. The details of the Code can be found here.


    The APTTA


    The Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild NZ is a branch of the Australasian Piano Tuners and Technicians Association (APTTA) which can be found here

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